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Information Technology


Your software should align with your business, not the other way around. 

In order for your company to run as efficiently as possible, you need software that streamlines operations and makes everyone’s jobs easier. But off-the-shelf programs only cover some of your needs (and happily charge you for bells and whistles you’ll never use).

You can make these programs work (with some “duct tape” and workarounds), but you worry about your operations being dependent on something cobbled together.

At IBG, we know how risky it can feel to be at the mercy of outside vendors. That’s why, as experienced software developers, we’re committed to helping you take control of your operations, end-to-end, with custom software solutions.

Night Shift at Office
Integrated Platforms

Envision seamless integration of your accounting, inventory, marketing, sales, and other systems working in perfect harmony.

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Instant Visibility

Achieve a deeper understanding of your operations with real-time, clear reporting and tailored dashboards.


Custom software platforms enable you to capitalize on your unique processes for a competitive edge.

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