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"Zombie Golf" takes the serene sport of golf and throws it into the chaotic backdrop of a post-apocalyptic world, creating a game that is as thrilling as it is unique. In this innovative take on a sports game, players choose from two distinct characters, each with their own unique play style and abilities, to take on hordes of zombies in a most unusual way—by hitting golf balls at them!

The game is set across various eerie locations throughout a devastated city, from abandoned amusement parks to crumbling city squares and overgrown parks. Each setting not only adds a visual depth to the gameplay but also presents unique challenges and obstacles. Players must strategically use the environment to their advantage, aiming for exploding barrels and other hazards to maximize their zombie-clearing explosions and rack up high scores.

With its dark humor and post-apocalyptic theme, "Zombie Golf" appeals to both golf enthusiasts and fans of zombie games alike. The blend of strategic sports simulation and zombie survival creates a uniquely entertaining experience that stands out in the genre of alternative sports games.

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